Monday, March 30



I paid for 2 pairs of contact lens for a spree in fucking November & after countless e-mails & badgering for the organiser to refund, she has decided to stop replying to my e-mails.

WTF. It may be only $41 but still, that's 2 fucking weeks' worth of transport.

For those of you who think $41 is nothing, fuck you. You're probably not working hard for your fucking money, perhaps still supporting frivolity with money that you didn't earn.

Almost one fucking third of my pay goes to my mom for poly fees, the amount I owe her for the U.S. trip, & her allownace.

My parents very responsibly didn't insure me, so I have to start spending money buying all sorts of insurance there is, in case I burst an artery due to bad anger management.

& minus savings, transport & meals, I barely have the minimal for leisure. It's like, wtf, I'm working so hard but I don't have enough to spend it on material things that will make me happy. FML.

2 weeks' worth of transport is fucking a lot of money to me. I'm so bloody pissed off.

That's 27 of us scammed. I took the initiative to e-mail the other spree-ers who participated, & am gonna wait to see what they say. If they agree, we could print the e-mail exchanges & make a police report. We may not get our money back but I wanna see the bitch pay. Fine her or haul her ass to a month's jail or summat.

It doesn't matter how much she has scammed. It's the fact that she DID, that's what makes it such a big deal.

Read an article here:

HAH. Hope the same happens to her. We may not have her full name nor her contact number, but we have her bank account number, which is one hell of useful.

Another thing is pissing me off too. I'm not gonna detail what it is, but it has a lot to do with responsibility too, which I realised a lot of people lack.

& to think I was brewing anger unknown to me at work today. My boss asked if I was ok, or if I was upset about something, which I wasn't.

He then suspected that I'm moonlighting coz' I appear tired & weary all the time. -___- Wth.

Anyways, I was really alright at work. But hey, seems like there WAS indeed anger. There, all out now.


Looking forward to steamboat tomorrow. Darrelle & Skye may be too terrified to eat with me now. D:

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