Friday, March 27

Yaaayyyyy. I have Internet connection again! Apparently, it was the router that was working up, not the connection.

My awesome brother fixed the router. Technically, he didn't need to do much lah. He didn't have school so he called Linksys & followed instructions.

While we're on the topic of Linksys, can someone please write in to complain about their working hours? Mondays to Fridays, 9 AM to 5 PM? Seriously? How the fuck do I call for technical support when most of us are working at that time & can't stay home to configure the router etc. etc.?

What's the point of technical support when it's not 24 hours? I mean, come on. -___- I would write in myself if I wasn't so darn lazy.

& I'm so freaking busy. Being thrown into the rat race just drains you. Not emotionally, just physically. I tire by 10.30 PM every night, & mostly sleep by 11.30 PM. & waking up at 6.15 AM everyday for work is a horrible routine.

I don't even feel like going out after work. I just wanna go home, have dinner, shower, surf the net & crash into my comfy bed. Sigh. & weekends are so precious. It's the ONLY time I get to spend quality time with the boyfriend, & 2 days pass really fast. Then it's back to work for another 5 days before we can spend proper time together again. :(

I don't have time for myself either. I don't play The Sims 2 or Battlefield 2 or Monkey Island anymore, & I hardly even go on Neopets now. I have absolutely no time. Oh wells. I guess I'll eventually outgrow it eh? Maybe this is it. Haha, took me a long 9 years to outgrow it.

Anyways, look, 12.21 AM. TGIF!!!!!!11111111111

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