Thursday, March 19

So my existence online has been minimal (or any at all) for the past months, thanks to a dysfunctional laptop (which decides to die on me again & again).

After complaining & creating a ruckus, Acer finally decided to replace my laptop.

As my laptop has phased out, they needed to replace it with one that has a relatively equal value. So they told me they're replacing it with another model which has phased out as well, but still newer than mine, & of slightly better specs.

Granted, it's not a brand new laptop. It's apparently a "display set". I do suspect it's more like a refurbished set.

The guy delivered it Wednesday & I must say I'm quite happy with it. It has fingerprint security sensor! Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz! Relatively new Nvidia graphics card! Charcoal gray keyboard!

My previous laptop didn't have the fingerprint sensor, was a Core 2 Duo 2 GHz, the graphics card was a lowly ATI Radeon, & the keyboard was white/gray which Daryl hates very much as I didn't allow him to use it without first washing his hands thoroughly.

My previous laptop...

What I have now...

The condition seems pretty ok. Of course, it doesn't look spanking new but it's fair enough, since my previous laptop was slightly over a year old.

I'm happeh!

Let's cross our fingers & hope that it doesn't go bonkers again. At least last for another year & a half or so, after which I'll probably get the Dell Studio XPS. Gorgeous thing, that is. :D

Work so far has been awesome fun. It's been about a month, & time passes really fast at work. I love it. I'm doing interesting things such as editing videos, liaising with the media, co-ordinating advertisements, & some other ad-hoc stuff, but it has been rather fun so far.

It's getting busier, & I've got much more on my hands now, but at least it's fun & have some sort of responsibility instead of a mundane sales job.

In my first month, I sourced hotels for a huge conference in April & went down to look at them. Attended a media party thingy (with yummy buffet lunch at atas restaurant at Botanical Gardens) where I bumped into Kelly & Li Ling. Attended Watchmen premiere. Helped with a Twilight event. Even Daryl's jealous since I got to get out of my office a lot. But my colleagues did say I'm just lucky coz' we don't actually go out all that often.

My boss is funny as hell, & yes, though he bullies & teases us mercilessly, at least there's no hierachy system where you feel so uncomfortable talking to your superiors. I can chat to my colleagues, especially the 2 girls in my department coz' they're only a year older than me. Everything's all fine & dandy. For now.

Well, I hope it stays this way. & it will be even more perfect if the office is somewhere nearer to my place. Hah.

(Edit: Well, now my laptop works but my Internet connection doesn't wtf. It's not intermittent disconnection, it's intermittent connection. -___- Am stealing someone else's connection now.)

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