Wednesday, March 4

Acer has not replied my e-mail. After 3 days. Nothing a phone call & some yelling won't fix.

The laptop has been temperamental. I managed to switch it on for the past couple of days, & it worked ok (albeit hanging a few times). Today, it decided it WOULD NOT be switched on no matter what. Wtf. I'm so resigned to it, I don't even bother yelling & slamming it anymore.

Went to the gala premiere of the much-hyped Watchmen on Monday. Who holds premieres on Monday? The show is soooooo freaking long. It ended at 11.30 PM & by then, I was comatose.

That's not to say that it is boring. On the contrary, it's interesting & intense.

I love the noir aspects of the film, which the first sequence was. Being a graphic novel (& helmed by 300's director), the violence is well, comic book-like. Fantastic cinematography.

However, as I have never read the novel before, I didn't know any of the characters & I felt a bit alienated. The flashbacks are supposed to help introduce the characters to us non-fans. But because of the multiple characters, it's hard to follow.

The storyline is well, extremely over-the-top but then again, it's a graphic novel so I guess it works. But I don't understand why the Mars scenes all appear to be so cheesy.

Didn't like Dr. Manhattan being portrayed as a messiah. No faith in humanity, but the only saviour of humanity. Ironic. & he is ultimately a jerk. A glowing blue, naked jerk who runs around with his dangling thing.

Sex scenes are eye-popping. Yes, I bet some of the more revealing parts ended up chopped but still, the sex scenes are indeed eye-popping. The zoom up on Silk Spectre's face is extremely telling. It almost felt like porn.

& the only character I like is of course, the Nite Owl (II). The average guy - nerdy, cowlicks, saggy middle, kind heart, & very adorable. No wonder the Silk Spectre decided to bed him after dumping bull-shitting Dr. Manhattan (who NEVER ever gives a straight answer).

I guess the film is worth watching - at 2 hours & 40 minutes, you get your movie ticket worth.


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