Monday, April 20

I watched 17 Again on Saturday, & it was MUCH MUCH better than I expected.

Honestly, I didn't expect much, since my sole motive to watch the show is Zac Efron. I mean, I do think he's really really really good-looking. Safely the BEST looking actor of our time. Robert Pattinson doesn't hold a candle against him.

Did think this was going to be another laughless, painful comedy despite the rather positive reviews.

But I LOVED the show.

Typical plot, but Zac Efron is showing his depth. Yes, the basketball star thing is HSM-familiar, but he proves to have a wider range of emotions than a singing-dancing handsome robot.

He is pretty spot-on with the comedy timing, & he exudes so much charm, even when he stumbles, it's hard to notice.

When he is reading this emotional letter to Leslie Mann's character at the end, choking back tears & being a pretty credible actor, I believed for a second that he IS a 37 year-old trapped in a 17 year-old's body. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he has perfect hair, baby blue eyes, a huge mega-watt smile & six-pacs.

Thomas Lennon steals the thunder in EVERY scene he's in without even trying. He is, a complete riot. He threatens to overshadow Efron in the scenes they have together, & I can't wait to see him in I Love You, Man.

Leslie Mann is alright, I guess. I've seen The 40 Year-Old Virgin & Knocked Up, both of which her character didn't leave an impression at all. I don't even recall her being in those shows. But there are just so many critics raving about her, so I guess my expectations of her rose. Either I don't appreciate her brand of acting, or she doesn't have enough room to stretch her comedy skills.

But I did love her squishing & pinching & prodding Efron's face bewilderedly. Very real, very natural. I would LOVE to be her doing that. Heh.

Michelle Trachtenberg is a little meh. I was excited to see her coz' I loved her in EuroTrip, but she has definitely lost some of the hotness since then. Her scenes with Efron also feel strangely perverse, when you consider the circumstances.

Sterling Knight is great as an awkward teenager. He has quite a sardonic sense of humour, & I have a feeling we'll be seeing him around a lot.

Matthew Perry, well, I guess he's pretty good with what little screen time he has. He's definitely come a long way since Friends. Age hasn't been so kind to him, but he's definitely a good comedian. With that said however, it IS difficult to believe Zac Efron turning into Matthew Perry 20 years later. Keanu Reeves or someone better-looking maybe, but Perry? Then again, if someone as good-looking as Keanu Reeves (even if he's a block of wood) plays Mike O'Donnell, he wouldn't be believable as a loser.

Predictable fluffy plot, but great casting. Ultimately, it's a coming-of-age film for Efron, who is determined to prove he's more than a singing Disney actor (thus, pulling out of Footloose). He's the only character on the poster, with his name standing solo above the movie title (TOP BILLING), & that is in a movie full of capable & veteran actors. That's a pretty big deal.

I used to think that Zac Efron is just a REALLY pretty face, but I was never a real fan. I watched HSM & Hairspray for his handsome mug, & went into 17 Again with the same intention. But I was pleasantly surprised, & came out a fan. How can anyone not, with his easy charm & smile?

Heard that Efron is an awesome guy in real life too. Can that boy do no wrong? Oh wait, he can. He's dating loser Hudgens. Come on, dump her & hook up with Tisdale already!

Anyways, this critic possibly summed it up best (if you don't want to read through my rave).

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