Sunday, April 26

The below conversation bears testimony to the high level of testosterone I have in my system.

Playing GTA: The Lost and Damned -
Daryl: Do you want to head to Elizabeta's (game character)?
Me: YEAH. I hope he gets some.
Daryl: You're such a guy!

I was sorely disappointed when he didn't get any.

& even more disappointed that he couldn't date girls on the Internet, or pick up hookers. D: That's ALL I ever made Niko Bellic (GTA IV) do! That was the fun stuff, man.

LATD is still fun, yes, but I prefer Niko over Johnny.

Niko knows how to have fun, while Johnny is hung up & gets emo over some ugly druggie who's more trouble that she's worth.

Bring back the sex into the game!

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