Monday, April 27

Valentine's Bangkok Trip!

His luggage & mine. In my defense, my luggage was only 1/4 filled. It's the only one I have!

Morning of departure.

The rather nice hotel, which is done up resort style.

The reason why Daryl picked this hotel - personal JACUZZI! ;)

We even had our personal front porch.

The nice swimming pool which we didn't utilise at all.

Pink cab! & they have purple & red & yellow & green & orange too.

Our first meal there was SUPER spicy pad thai.

First ever tuk-tuk ride, where we sat & soaked in the pollution.

Praying at the 4-faced Buddha just because it's world famous & completely doing it wrong in the process.

Yummy crepe available at the food court.

Chatuchak is amazingly dirty. Daryl had the dirtiest pair of feet after a day of wandering around Chatuchak.

Thais picnicking at Chatuchak like it's a normal thing to do.

Valentine's Day appears to be a big deal over there. The entire underpass was draped with gaudy decorations.

Like this poor girl in the unfortunate balloon dress.

Our buys! Which to tell you the truth, ain't a lot.

Do you see what I see?

It's something that makes Daryl a very very happy boy.

Lambos! In a mall! & there were other luxury/exotic cars as well. In a mall! Did I mention that they're in a mall?

The rather ugly stingray.

We wanted to go to the Ocean World but the admission tickets were jaw-droppingly expensive. D:

The three colourful mermaids.


Smelly & his favourite root beer float.

Pickles ewwwww. (Check out my shirt!)

Awesome view from a Japanese restaurant.

The best meal we had there. Fresh & cheap Japanese food.

Salmon sashimi yummmmms.

Thank you baby for being so wonderful & sponsoring the entire trip. :) LOVE YOUS.

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