Thursday, September 3

Awesome-ness from Awesome Foursome

Vidz: Tiff, there's chocolate sauce on your table!
Tiffy: What are you now, the chocolate sauce police?

Tiffy: Farna, you're not holding your chopsticks right! -reaches out to align their height-
Me: What are you now, the chopsticks police?

Vidz: Farna, this is probably right up your alley!
Tiffy: Hahaha! That sounded so rude!
Me: Yeah! Hah, up my alley huh? Up yours!
Tiffy: Hahahahahahaha!
Me: Kaminabe nabeyaki! (We were in Ichiban Boshi)

Farna: -poking at her udon grumpily- This is like Fear Factor to me.
Me: Udon is Fear Factor to you?
Vidz: Major fail!

Vidz: Tiffy, what was the last movie you watched?
Tiffy: I don't remember.
Farna: Yah, what DO you remember?
Tiffy: EH, biatch!

I miss my Awesome Foursome!

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