Monday, July 20

The awesomest boyfriend ever sent flowers to my workplace on Friday & I was one confused girl when the delivery guy was directed to me. I was like, "What flowers huh who how come wha me sure?"

Sunflowers & his adorable card. He calls me his "sunshine". :)

On top of that, he bought me this plush Patrick Star that caught my eye! I didn't want it coz' it's impractical but he insisted. Goofy Patrick makes me smile! :)

I stayed at his place over the weekend, but we didn't get to spend as much time together as we'd like. There were too many things to be done & too many shindigs to attend, so our 5th Anniversary passed by quietly.

However, I relish every minute we had together.

Baby, thank you for always being there, & for loving me. I love you so much, Daryl Goh.

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