Monday, September 21

My Boyfriend Says the Darnest Things

Daryl: -channel surfing- Hey, Singtel Grid Girls!
Me: Interesting meh?
Daryl: Yah...they go to the real F1 locations & go behind the scenes.
Me: So, you want to be a Singtel Grid Girl too?
Daryl: Ok!
Me: You'll have to change sex & be really pretty.
Daryl: Wah lau. I'll be a damn hot girl, man.

-in the car, witnessing an ambulance by the roadside, with an old man on the pavement being tended to by paramedics-
Daryl: ACCIDENT! -excited-
Me: Not really lah. No cars, but there's an old man. Maybe he fell down.
Daryl: Maybe he was ran over! -looks at ambulance- BY THE AMBULANCE!!!
Me: ...

Daryl: If you're an ambulance & you run over someone, how?
Me: -laughing quite hard- If you're an ambulance & you've run over someone, you can't do anything...coz' you're INANIMATE! -continues laughing very loudly-
Daryl: ...I mean, what if you're driving an ambulance, & you've run over someone, but you're already carrying a dying person?
Me: -continues laughing at his previous statement & ignoring his hypothetical moral dilemma-

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