Tuesday, September 22

Neil Patrick Harris was looking absolutely spiffy in a handsome white tux (suit up!), & I LOVE HIM. Being host of a large-scale event such as the Emmys requires charm & loads of affability, & Neil fits the prerequisites perfectly. He was just so SUPER awesome & likeable, & he co-produced the awards show, making him even more awesome, if possible. Love love love. Can't describe how much I love him right now. I practically swelled up with pride watching him be awesome. -fights back proud tears-

He was funny, his jokes were funny, he was fun host, & he looked like he was having fun! (This whole sentence is one awkward mess.) He was making the funnymen (& women) laugh! & I do mean the alumni such as Steve Carell & Tina Fey & many others, ALL clearly enjoying themselves & having a ball. Jon Stewart totally heaped on the praise on Neil, right during his own acceptance speech. So damn proud. -sniffles happily- We need more NPH! MOOORRREEE! Let him host every other boring awards show!

The actual awards were disappointing though. It started great with Kristin Chenoweth winning Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy. Pushing Daisies, the lovely yet underappreciated gem, was non-existent in the rest of the awards show, yet Kristin Chenoweth pulled a pleasant surprise. & she was really cute too during her teary, blubbering acceptance speech. "I'm unemployed now, so I'd like to be on 'Mad Men'." & she went on saying she wanted to be on 24 & The Office too, which proves she's a really smart opportunist. :D

But as the show continued, it appeared that the Comedy category was dominated by 30 Rock (again), & the Drama category was dominated by Mad Men. It's ridiculous. There were a couple of awards that both 30 Rock & Mad Men took up 4 out of 5 nominations. What are the chances of not winning? 20%? Seriously? Is that the best they can do? Are there no other relatively decent shows? Bollocks.

House M.D., nominated for two measly categories, a far cry from its heydays with a ridiculous number of accolades, came away empty-handed. :( Hugh Laurie. My heart is broken.

Ricky Gervais (my third favouritest Brit), was funny too, & he was laugh-a-minute. :) He nailed every joke, every punchline. This is how you bring the house down, Rob Lowe. Take a lesson.

& Neil Patrick Harris didn't win for his role as Barney Stinson either. How could he not? Tell me, how is Barney Stinson not awesome? Barney Stinson is all sorts of awesomeness. Barney Stinson, if not careful, is fast becoming my favourite TV character, EVER. It doesn't matter if you don't win, NPH. Because you don't need an Emmy to prove how awesome you are.

(Edit: The verdict is in & it's unanimous. The media LOVES Neil Patrick Harris. Actually, EVERYONE loves Neil Patrick Harris. I did a quick search & all channels of media are lauding NPH's awesomeness, & how he's just so mega-talented & an amazing host. -chokes up proud tears again-)

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