Thursday, September 24

It's the time to put up my wishlist again!

Basically, it's for convenience's sake, so my friends don't have to rack their pretty heads over what they would want to get for me.

My list this year is ostensibly shorter than last year's. Well, I can purchase most of the DVDs I want at staff discount now, so it would be silly to request them as gifts (which of course, would be bought at full retail price outside).

So here is a really short list. What can I say? I'm pretty damn satisfied with life right now.

I'm kidding about the bags.


Well, not really. Hahahaha! I adore them, & they're absolutely gorgeous bags which I covet. But if I were to buy all of them, I'd be shit broke, or knee deep in debts.

I do intend to get the LV Damier Neverfull though, hopefully by the end of this year. Let's see if my company hands out some nice bonuses.

But what I would like most of all is......MONEY. Some cold hard cash rules any day. :D I can buy myself a yummy treat, pamper myself to some nice relaxing facial, buy some nice clothes or even save up towards my Neverfull!

Thank you very much in advance. :) :) :)

(Not shy at all.)

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