Monday, September 28

This is how I made a complete fool of myself on Saturday.

Daryl, my best friend Ho Ting & I were in Chanel looking at bags, when Ho Ting held up a Chanel 2.55 to show me how it looks like & to my horror, I realised that the bloody expensive Topshop bag I was carrying is inspired by Chanel.

Ho Ting: Sam! This is the 2.55! -holds it up high-
Me: -flailing arms at Ho Ting- Put it down put it down my bag looks almost exactly like it put it down!
Daryl: -tries to strategically place my arm over the telling clasp of my bag-
Daryl: Chiong bag! -steps away from me to distance himself from the source of embarrassment-
Me: Hey, where do you think you're going? -points foot at him at which point, my loose shoe flies off my foot & lands some feet away-
-All 3 of us watch in horror-
Ho Ting: -runs towards door-

:( & we were in such an atas store.

& then in the bus, when Daryl & I were going home; a girl sitting diagonally from us was drinking milk straight from the carton.

Me: Hehehe check out that girl! She must be bloody thirsty...she's drinking straight from the carton! Hahahahaha watch watch watch! Hahahahahahaha!
Daryl: Hahahahaha yah!
-girl passes carton to woman RIGHT in front of us, assumedly her mom-
Me: Oh, crap.

I feel like a complete bimbo hahahahahahahahahaha.

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