Sunday, April 11

Man, I really thought Michael Lynch was leaving. Daryl & I both wanted him to, since his arrogance is getting on our nerves & out of hand.

WHY DID THEY SAVE HIM? Anyways, after he really leaves for good, I'll be pretteh sad every elimination round, no matter who leaves. I kinda like all of them, even Tim Urban. Yes, he can't sing as well as the rest but he's cute & has a damn good attitude about everything, so I'm gonna be sad when he goes, probably next week.

Anyways, my favourites in order of preference:
Siobhan Magnus (this girl must win!)
Casey James
Lee Dewyze
Aaron Kelly
Crystal Bowersox
Andrew Garcia
Katie Stevens
Tim Urban
Michael Lynch

& I was already so sad when Didi left last week. :( :( :(

Dammit. After Michael leaves, I'm just gonna go, "Nuuuuuuuuuuuuu" everytime someone gets eliminated.

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