Wednesday, September 1

It's been a while.

Well, nothing much has changed, which leads me to this question - is my life stagnant? Am I happy where I am?

In terms of career advancement, not so much. I can't really say why here, but it's just a culmination of things I'm disgruntled with. Don't get me wrong - I do like my job scope & I'm lucky that I'm doing something interesting, for which I have a passion for. But there are other factors which have made everything really hard, & at times, I dread coming to work.

As for the other aspects, I am happy. :) Daryl & I have been applying for our own flat & though our applications have been unsuccessful so far, I know that we're at a point where we're actually getting serious about our future.

My mom's asking us to register for our marriage first next year. We're hesitant, not because we don't want to commit (far from it, really) but we have in mind how we want this to play out. We would much prefer our registration to be on the same day as the wedding dinner, which actually helps to lend an atmosphere of grandeur to the solemnization which otherwise, is usually dreary/drab. Anyways, it seems like if we get a flat, the inevitable will happen within a few years. I'm really looking forward to it, & am excited about planning my guest list.


Also, I got into my first "virtual fight". It wasn't a fight per se, but an argument on Twitter. It's silly, really. I merely stated an opinion, which by no means was derogatory, just a statement about XX as it was about dress sense. & this young lad just jumped all over it, retweeted it & told XX to "block me". I was mildly amused, as he was acting like a little sniffer dog for XX, sniffing out people who ever dared to mention her name in a less than godly light.

Anyways, I retorted that it wasn't a derogatory term, & that I'm not a fan nor a hater, & there's really nothing to block me from since I'm not following her. & I did all that very nicely. But I did say how worshippers are damn bohliao when they grovel at the feet of their idols blindly.

Many days later, I noticed that he continued tweeting about it after our last correspondence, saying that he wasn't speaking directly to me, just retweeting me, followed by how someone with only 25 followers is seeking attention.

Why can't I reply if you rewteet me? It's my tweet, isn't it? -__- You're basically quoting me, & the quote is mine & thus, intellectual law allows me to protect my property if it's used out of turn.

It's also funny that I'm seeking attention since he's the one who was jumping up & down in front of XX going "PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!!!!!111". He's obviously seeking fame, having joined some singing competition a while back, calls himself a model/actor (probably does bit acting or is an extra), & constantly tweets about how his singing coach praises him on his singing voice. Also, why does the number of followers determine whether you're a "loser" or not? It's really sad when you base your life & social standing on a virtual network.

Also, you're contradicting yourself. You said I have no guts, that if I wanna insult XX, I ought to '@' her. But then you called me an attention seeker. If I truly was attention seeking, I would have '@' her, wouldn't I? Guaranteed to have more hits, guaranteed to get XX & her followers' attention, guaranteed to be engaged in a 'war'. However, I had no interest in exactly that, so in what way was I attention seeking? Illogical guy who can't validate his points.

Anyways, I let it slide because he's young-ish (like my brother's age) & probably doesn't know any better. There's a high chance he needs plenty of attention to feel loved. & we all did silly things when we were young, didn't we? :) :) :)

Of course I don't have to be childish & resort to name-calling coz' I'm a bigger person than that, & I don't have to rub it in his face that my life is actually going much better than he actually thinks.


What have you been up to then?

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