Monday, September 6

It upsets me when my intentions are misinterpreted.

Just read an old entry of a friend, & realised that she made a nasty remark about something I did which was done for pure & harmless fun. I did seek approval prior, to ensure that the subject has no problems with it, & was informed that it would be absolutely ok to proceed.

To which I did & to the good laugh of many (including the very popular & well-liked subject). We laughed with the subject, not at the subject but it turns out that these fun intentions can be read as malicious by others.

I was really hurt by what I read, & then I took a step back & reflected. Maybe if I was the subject, I might be upset about all the laughs which are made at my expense. (I doubt that would happen, since I'm not all that funny to begin with.)

Thus, I apologise if the intended fun has crossed the line & hurt anyone.

(Also, as I've mentioned, it's an old entry so this is referring to an incident which happened quite a long while back.)

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