Tuesday, October 5

So I've been watching Ok Go's White Knuckles & End Love on replay mode - End Love especially.

I can't help it! The colours, the choreography, the stop-motion, the goose, the look of intense concentration on their faces, Damian Kulash - so much love. & the music catches on! :) The amount of hard work put into their music videos is amazing. First, Here It Goes Again on the threadmill, then the awesome dance (I know the entire dance!) in A Million Ways, the jawdropping Rube Goldberg contraption in This Too Shall Pass, & now these 2 videos. They are AMAZEBALLS.

They're an Internet phenomenon, & they know exactly how to present themselves to the current tech-savvy audiences. The amount of effort put into their music videos is evident - they're mostly one take, & it requires over hundreds of takes before they get one version which they use. Specifically, the one for White Knuckles took 124 takes & this excludes the number of rehearsals. The one for End Love has them filming for hours, & they had to move their lips according to the speed of the of the particular scene. Their dedication to their craft honestly can't be undermined.

Ok Go's videos are mostly low-budget, yet they're really creative & original ideas trumping the current high-budget music videos nowadays which even incorporate special effects & what not. How do we tear our eyes away from the awesomeness of Ok Go? Heh.

You have got to be an ass to not like this.

This too. You're a heartless douche if you dislike this.

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