Tuesday, October 5

So recently, my favourite song has been All-Time Low by The Wanted. Have never heard of the band, never bothered to look them up but was contented to listen to the song on repeat & have it as my ringtone.

& then Vidz looked them up & guess what? DAMN BOYBAND.

The walk, the random swaying, the zoom-in shots, the abrupt shot of them doing an extremely choreographed dance move...it's all very done to death by the boybands of the 90s like The Backstreet Boys/N'Sync/98 degrees.

But I still love the song, & it really doesn't hurt that they're easy on the eye, no? ;) & they're British! Very chiselled, polished, well put-together British! Which means I have a nose for British byproducts! Hehe. I'm a true blue Anglophile.

A new song of theirs, again accompanied by a very cheesy boyband-ish MTV.

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