Wednesday, February 6

Blog Revival

Hi all! I have decided to revive my blog from the ice age! However, it wouldn't be as personal as it used to be. *snorts* Or as emo either. I have outgrown the dark periods of the pubescent years, and am now treading the wrong side of the 20s as a married woman. :) That doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading those old posts - those were some messed up thoughts. I guess when you're young, everything is just too much too sudden too dramatic.

ANYHOWS. This blog is going to be revived as blog. I'm no expert though; I can't even wing my eyeliner to save my life. But I'll display my makeup hauls, do honest reviews (hopefully accompanied with awesome pictures) and show you some looks. Again, I need to reiterate that I am no expert so my makeup routines may not be the same as what are universally accepted - they're just what what work for me. My reviews may also be different from the unanimous voices on the internet, but they're just what I think. Makeup is like everything else in the world - different strokes for different people.

I have a few entries lined up, starting from my Urban Decay haul over the Christmas period, so watch out for that! :)

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