Wednesday, February 6

Urban Decay Haul + $5 Urban Decay Code Giveaway

I hate that Urban Decay products at the local Sephora stores cost an arm and a leg. It's ridiculous.

In the meantime, UD's website features awesome Sale items which seem to mock me. Oh, you would think it's easy to ship items over but UD made it almost impossible. I attempted to ship to a friend in New York but UD wouldn't let me pay. Apparently, they only accept credit cards issued in the U.S. I attempted to use VPost or Comgateway but UD is on their list of Restricted Merchants. I was so desperate, I even wrote to UD and here's the reply:

It is against company policy, yo.

I wasn't about to let it go just yet. A friend of mine happened to be going back to his hometown in Oklahoma for the holidays and I casually asked if he still has an America credit card. Struck gold! I swear, I wiped back tears of happiness and expressed my gratitude about a billion times.

Anyways! Here's the haul that traveled the 15,416.7 kilometers (it's accurate, I Googled it) from Oklahoma to Singapore.

Was told original packaging tore so friend repacked them -
these arrived in a GameStop plastic bag haha!

The items I purchased.
The awesome samples that came with.
UD is so consistent with their image - all the items were wrapped in their iconic purple. The lot cost US$91, and I paid an additional US$19 for 2nd day shipping even though ground shipping was free. I didn't want to risk any delay in shipment due to the festive period or blizzards - it would be pointless if the items didn't arrive at Oklahoma before my friend was due back here, right? The total damage was US$117.62 (they charged a 7% tax), which came up to about S$150.

If you think that is a lot of money for makeup, I won't deny it. But by doing a comparison of prices locally, I saved an estimated S$130.

Here are a few comparisons:
All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
UD Website: US$29 (120ml)
Local Sephora: S$48 (118ml)

De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray
UD Website: US$19 (XL 177ml, which is no longer available on the site)
Local Sephora: S$48 (118ml)

Eyeshadow Primer Potion
UD Website: US$22 (Original/Sin Duo - 11ml each)
Local Sephora: S$32 (just one, 11ml)

UD Website: US$6 (Vintage Eyeshadow), US$8 (Deluxe Eyeshadow), US$18 (Normal Eyeshadow)
Local Sephora: S$30 (Normal Eyeshadow) - no Vintage or Deluxe available

UD also provides samples when you make purchases, some of which are generous in size. I received a 3.7ml Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original (same size as the one that came with the original Naked Palette but that was in the genie bottle and I hate that while this is in the new squeeze tube), a 3.7ml Naked Skin Beauty Balm (which is in a shade way too dark for me), a 5.4ml Supercurl Curling Mascara and a card with tiny samples of Half-Baked Eyeshadow (which I have in both the Naked Palettes - they need to mix things up a little), Evidence Eyeshadow and a minuscule sachet of Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

I was also given a thank you code which entitles me to US$5 off next purchase but I can't use it anyways since I don't have any friends who's headed back to the States at the moment. So if you do and you want the code, do hit me up! Or if you're staying in the US of A and you want to make a purchase, leave a comment asking for the code! The code is valid until 28 Feb, so that's 3 more weeks for you to find a way to make your purchase. I only have one though, so whoever's first gets it.

So if you happen to have American friends visiting and they're generous enough to help you make the purchase and bring them over, please don't miss the opportunity!

I'll be doing reviews and comparisons for some of these items over the next few posts so do check back for more!


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