Thursday, February 21

Valentine's Day 2013

This year, I celebrated Valentine's Day as part of a wedded couple which is new to me. ;) We have no idea how married couples celebrate Valentine's Day so we headed out to one of our favourite restaurants for a nice dinner. Unfortunately, my stomach wasn't behaving but I was determined to make the trip worth it. Hence, I ate, threw up, ate, threw up, ate. All within 2 hours at the restaurant. Didn't let a little stomach discomfort stop me from having some of my favourite food ever!

But I'm not here to talk about that!

Here's my look for Valentine's Day.

For some reason, I love taking photos in the car!
Let's have a closer look at the eye makeup, since that's essential in shaking things up a little. Changing a lipstick colour just isn't the same as using 5 different colours on the eyelids. ;)

Why was the lighting so saturated?
Lid: Buck (from Urban Decay Naked Palette)
Countour: Naked (from Urban Decay Naked Palette)
Outer V: Darkhorse (from Urban Decay Naked Palette)
Middle: Half Baked (from Urban Decay Naked Palette)

I basically used one palette to create this look. It isn't fantastic but I like the depth that Darkhorse on the Outer V gives me, and dabbing a little Half Baked in the middle of the lids brighten up the eyes.

I would also like to go off on a tangent and rave about Sigma E05 - this is an amazing eyeliner brush that gives me control over how thin/thick I would like my eyeliner to be and even though I usually fail badly at winging the ends, at least using the Sigma E05 doesn't give me the thick square ends I usually end up with.

The L'Oreal 24Hr Super Liner Waterproof Gel Eyeliner is also pretty impressive. I've had this for a while now and it doesn't smudge or transfer once it sets. And this stuff doesn't seem to dry out! Amazing.

Eh, now the lighting is washed out. I give up.
This is 3 hours later. Makeup still perfectly intact with the eyeshadow colours and eyeliner looking fresh. However, the mascara is looking kind of clumpy. Boo.

Here's a picture of le grumpy hubby and I at dinner. Heh.


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