Tuesday, April 2

Review: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Evidence

Yay, new update! I've bought this Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Evidence for close to a month now and am finally getting round to doing a review about this!

Let me first tell you my adventure with this little pot of blue.

I received it in a sample card from Urban Decay when I made my online purchase last year - the card had Evidence and Half-Baked in these tiny little squares that could last you maybe one or two wears. I fell in love with Evidence, which is a lovely deep navy blue with a slight sheen. It isn't so much glittery that you risk looking like a disco ball, but it's more a subtle sheen that catches the light wonderfully.

I ventured to the local Sephora at the new wing of Plaza Singapura (during lunchtime) and asked this lady there about this eyeshadow. She knew nothing about it and insisted that it must be new and they are sometimes slower in receiving new items.

I hung back and after doing some more research, went back to the same Sephora after work and spoke to a different beauty consultant. This time, the guy was like, "Yes, we have that" and after rifling through the drawer quickly, managed to produce it. Moral of the story: a little persistence goes a long way. Or, eyeshadows make for a cray cray girl.

Look at that pretty blue! Anyways, I usually swatch with a very light hand (as I would on my eyelids) so if you would like a truer colour swatch, you could check out Temptalia's intense swatch.

The box's description on the range of eyeshadows:

Seductive. Velvety. And like no other. UD's groundbreakinig Pigment Infusion System(TM) delivers dimensional, blendable, long-lasting color. Our lust-worthy shades apply with unrivaled richness.

Don't you know that you use punctuation. With. Every. Other. Word. For. Emphasis?

Anyways, here's the checklist of all that the box promised. Seductive, check. Velvety, check. Dimensional, blendable, long-lasting, check. Richness, check. Oh Urban Decay, you can do no wrong with your gorgeous eyeshadows.

Sorry that I didn't close my eye fully again - I do have a problem fully closing my eyes.

But there you go, I used a lighter hand as mentioned so it's almost blue-grey. If you like deeper colours, just layer it on since this eyeshadow is so velvety and easy to blend as with most Urban Decay eyeshadows I have encountered. Loving this colour so much.

Eyeshadow Primer: UDPP in Sin
Lid: UD Evidence
Outer V: Darkhorse (from Urban Decay Naked Palette)
Inner Eye: Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner in Pink Topaz
Lower Lashline: MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved set with Blackout (from Urban Decay Naked Palette 2)

I finished the look off with UD's All-Nighter Spray and the makeup stayed all night! Go get yourself some of those miracle spray if you haven't already!

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