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Review: FACE atelier Ultra Foundation

I've always used drugstore makeup, because they're cheap and awesome. I've only recently graduated to Too Faced, Urban Decay and MAC and even then, I'm not buying their higher end items like foundations. This review is on one of the most expensive makeup items I've ever bought - the FACE atelier Ultra Foundation.

Luxola was having a buy 2 at the price of 1 ($80, which is way overpriced for a bottle of liquid foundation), so that worked out to be $40 a bottle, which is still a lot more expensive than my usual foundations. The item was packaged in a simple metallic grey/silver box and it felt really underwhelming. I think I expected the packaging to be decked out with bells and whistles.

The FACE atelier Ultra Foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle with a little pump nozzle, topped with a plastic transparent cap. I got mine in #3 Wheat. Was a little surprised that as small as the bottle seems, it's actually 30ml, the same amount as the Revlon Colorstay.

According to the website (pardon me, the description is a little lengthy and superfluous):

The heart and soul of FACE atelier – an innovative approach to foundation that allows you to be in control.  Ultra Foundation is a silicone-based emulsion that floats on top of the skin, doesn’t crease or flake, and lasts all day long.  Hydrating yet oil-free, it obscures tiny lines and pores to ensure a smooth finish.  No primer needed!  It's built into Ultra Foundation, thanks to the super sophisticated, silicone-based formula.   Another bonus - it sets without powder, preserving the youthful, dewy finish.

Since it's a silicone-based emulsion, you ought to shake the frosted bottle like a polaroid picture before using it so that the silicone is well-distributed. Technically, you're not supposed to shake a polaroid picture but you get my drift. Be careful not to be overzealous though - the heavy frosted glass bottle doesn't look like it should go flying out of your hands and onto the ground. Chances are, it's going to shatter.

It has no SPF so you may want to use a sunscreen under your makeup - no SPF is good for phototaking. Foundations with SPF usually result in ghastly white faces in flash photography.

The FACE atelier Ultra Foundation comes in 12 different shades - it's great since there are so many skintones out there but it's going to be quite a mission finding a shade closest to your colour without swatching first. After reading various reviews and looking at the numerous swatches available online, I settled on #3 Wheat. I contemplated getting the second bottle in a shade darker (#4 Sand) but decided that it would be stupid to have at least one bottle in the wrong shade. So I bought both bottles in #3 Wheat and crossed my fingers hard.

Looks a little too beige-y on my hand - but then again, I do have a really yellow undertone.

The texture is a little runny, less goopy than Revlon Colourstay. It dries so quickly though so be sure to blend quickly! Or else it's going to be a bit tougher to blend that last bit!

I dispense one pump full of product onto the back of my hand and dot it all over my face before working quickly with my BeautyBlender.

On the left is before foundation, on the right is after.

It's pretty obvious how the redness had been neutralised especially on the nose and cheeks, and my skintone was evened out and no longer patchy. Pores were also reduced in the after photo.

I really like the finish - it's not dewy to the point of shiny. In fact, I think it has one of the most velvety and matte finish I've ever seen in a liquid foundation.

My final look:

Foundation: FACE atelier Ultra Foundation
Eyeshadow Primer: UDPP in Sin
Lid: Gunmetal (from Urban Decay Naked Palette)
Outer V: Creep (from UD Naked Palette)
Middle: Half-Baked (from UD Naked Palette)
Inner Eye: Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner in Pink Topaz

Anyways, I like how polished the FACE atlier Ultra Foundation made me look. I wore the above makeup to a party where there was a lot of shouting, beer pong and flip cup and after more than 7 hours later...

I basically look the same (save for those bloodshot eyes but in my defense, it was 2am)! Ah-mazing. I would also like to praise the staying power of the Stila Custom Color Self Adjusting Blush in Coral but that's another review for another day.

The FACE atelier Ultra Foundation is also great for those with skintones that fluctuate with the season. The Ultra Foundation carries colour correcting shades as well, so if you're a tad paler during the winter, just add a little Zero Minus for a lighter foundation or a bit of Zero Plus Plus for a shade darker, perfect for a summer tan.

I have photos from another day of FACE atelier Ultra Foundation wearing, which shows the staying power even better.

The time lapse is 15 and a half hours later, from 8.30am to midnight. The foundation stayed on with no shine, and there was no slipping and sliding. (Please overlook the second photo - I was getting ready to shower before realising I forgot to take a photo.)


At $80 a pop, I probably wouldn't purchase again even though it works great. Admittedly, my Revlon Colourstay works great as well. However, if Luxola has another 2 for the price of 1 deal, I may repurchase due to the great coverage and staying powder! Plus it's apparently favoured by celebrities like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Fergie and more so you're using a foundation that these artistes use on their tours over other brands! It must really be good to last through hours of singing/dancing/gyrating and tons of sweat.

Rating: 9/10 (I have to deduct a point for its high price.)

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