Wednesday, September 25

Review: Zoeva Cream Eye Liner in Eclipse

I have to rant. So the power button on my iPhone died, and I went to get it exchanged AFTER backing up my data. Found out after exchange that my backup was corrupted so I couldn't restore my data and my notes were ALL gone. I had a list that started in February this year, of all the makeup I wear on my face each day so I can remember when I tag and categorise photos. I haven't gotten round to posting about EVERYTHING so now that I've lost that, I probably have to begin the whole picture taking all over again.

In the meantime, here's a review of Zoeva Cream Eye Liner in Eclipse, which I purchased off Luxola when they had an introductory offer (30% off!) for Zoeva.

Zoeva is a German makeup brand which isn't sold internationally, so it's pretty difficult to find English reviews on their products. Which is a shame because I'm sure if there are more reviews on the brand, their products will be highly sought after due to its price and quality.

The 3.5g worth of product comes in a sturdy frosted glass container, which is pretty bulky compared to other gel eyeliners. It also has a safety seal on it, which is pretty uncommon. When I purchase drugstore gel eyeliners from L'Oreal, Maybelline or Kate, there isn't such a seal. But it's great, knowing that the product is airtight and fresh before you gleefully tear it open!

The colour is a pretty charcoal/gunmetal, with a metallic sheen to it.

On Luxola, it's described as:

This gorgeous charcoal-grey cream eyeliner gel, with a carbon pencil effect in deep metallic grey, is a true professional makeup product. Smooth and easy to apply, this cream liner is perfect for creating a precise finish with excellent true color coverage that will stay in place all day.

I dipped my Sigma E65 Small Angle Brush in, and it cuts through the product like butter. The texture is just so smooth and creamy!

It's also crazy budgeproof.

From top down:
  1. Rubbing it so frantically, my forearm almost tore.
  2. Spraying water on it.
  3. Rubbing AFTER spraying water on it.
Nope, it is not going anywhere at all!

Ah crap, I didn't realise the first picture isn't sharp. But trust me, the colour is so pigmented, and the metallic sheen shows through beautifully.

But this eyeliner didn't seem to like me very much. Right after applying, my eyes started burning. But since I was wearing a new pair of contact lens, I figured it was them giving me problems. When I got to work, I couldn't take the burning sensation anymore so I popped out my contact lens. There were streaks of silver on them. It also took AGES to clean off the streaks - they were some tough stains and since contact lens are pretty delicate, I had to gently and patiently rub the lens with saline until all the streaks were gone.

I figured that it could well be the cream eyeliner not fully drying and creeping down to my contact lens. Which is odd since the eyeliner dried really quickly and hence, there is no hint of transfer to my crease.

I'm so sorry about the off-centre pictures. I wasn't wearing my contact lens or my glasses, so I couldn't see my camera screen in the facing mirror to judge the picture. I'm effectively blind without my contact lens or glasses (I had to wear my spare glasses at work all day).

There was no transfer to my crease or the lower lashline - just some smudging in the inner corner of my eye and a slight fading of the wing.

I really loved the colour and staying power of this eyeliner, but I wished it was made to be suitable for contact lens wearers. :(

(Sorry about not sharing the mascara - lost all my data, no idea what was used.)

You can purchase this at $11.50 from Luxola, which provides free next day delivery with a purchase of $10 and above!

Rating: 6/10

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