Saturday, October 5

Review: Kate Eyebrow Colour N

You've always used mascara for your lashes, how about mascara for your eyebrows?

That's what Kate Eyebrow Colour N is - it's essentially an eyebrow mascara, which, according to the Kate website, helps 'change your eyebrow colour to your hair colour'.

My hair colour is black so well...that's not going to help. The mascara comes in varying shades of brown so I went with a darker brown to complement my dark hair.

This is in BR-1, and it comes in a 6.5g bottle. Looks like a concealer, but isn't a concealer.

The top unscrews a mascara spoolie, and the formula goes on wet and a little sheer. Which is good since I don't intend to have Zhong Kui eyebrows.

Zhong Kui
The wetness helps tame the eyebrows, so eyebrow wax is no longer required if the Kate Eyebrow Colour N is used.

If you're not careful, the formula does come out in blobs so you have to use the spoolie to blend and sheer it out a tad more. I use a clean spoolie/eyebrow brush to comb through after applying the Kate Eyebrow Colour N. But note that it dries up pretty quickly and thereafter, the formula becomes stiff on your brows and difficult to blend or comb through without it looking patchy.

Before picture on top, after picture below. The Kate Eyebrow Colour N is simply used to fill in any gaps between the hairs. The end is filled in with an eyebrow pencil as the mascara spoolie isn't the most precise.

Above shows right eyebrow after 12 hours. The eyebrows stayed on for most part of the day. Well, unless you scratch at it, which will then cause dried-up flakes of the formula to come off.

Overall, I do like this because it makes filling in eyebrows an easier process. Eyebrows also look full and natural without looking too overdone. However, the colour range can do with some shades of grey for raven-haired women like me.

Rating: 9/10

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