Friday, August 29

Ladeeda...I just got home from school not long ago. A full morning of filming...*yawns* Yesterday, the whole gang came to my place & film all the way till was that tiring. Bleargh...& the gang kept laughing at me yesterday coz' I was wearing Jer's pants & it kept slipping to gather around my ankles, which looked pretty obscene, considering that Jer's shirt was so long as

Anyway, gotta meet Vidz & the rest later on! Whee! Love them! Lol...ok, gotta make this short...coz' I don't wanna be late...ciaoz!

Baby cause you don't know
How I feel
Living my life without you
Baby & you don't know
What it's like
Loving you all this time
I'll give you all my love
Heart & soul
Risking it all on a chance
Now when I need you the most
You don't know

98 degrees [You Don't Know]

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