Thursday, August 28

Woohoo! Real Madrid won Real Mallorca 3-0! Rock on! Raul was so so gorgeous when he lifted the trophy, & when he was hopping around the pitch with the other players! My goodness! *still trying to catch my breath* How can anyone look this good? Sigh...*caught up in her fantasies again* Ok, I shall not go on...or I'd probably break down &

Heh...later the entire LVP coming over to film...don't know how it'd come out...or how I'm gonna convince my family to not eat in the dining room or watch tv in the hall...oh dear, where can they hide???

I'm feeling like crap today...sleep deprived...*yawns* & a friend of Ting was asking me stuff about her...Ting, I'm the middle person, once count how many times I gotta act as a middle person...first, you've got that guy...what's his name again? That NiuNao lookey-likey...ah! JinXing! Then you've got Ben...& now, woohoo! Him. Lol... I'm the Ting Encyclopedia! Press 1 to know her fave colour, press 2 to know her fave food, press 3 to know what kind of guys she dates, press 4 if you're ready to take the test, press 5 to speak to the operator. *bleep* Poor to top it off, I don't even know what's your fave food! What's the point of asking me?

I'm still zombified...bleargh! & I'm trying to make the something 'huge' into something 'small', because I know it's impossible, & that it'll never ever happen. That's just me. Tough. I gotta pull through this man...I don't want another PR episode.

I can't play the songs I used to play because of you
The lonesome feelings start before
The intro's halfway through
Everyone reminds me
Of the things we used to do together
I can't go to places I used to take you to
Cause everywhere the faces there
They all look just like you
Until your heart comes back where it belongs
I can't play the songs

David Gates [I Can't Play The Songs]

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