Sunday, August 24

Waiting for dinner...& stomach's lurching...I think I'm gonna barf. Eewww...

Really pissed actually...someone just pissed me off big time. Ain't the first time he did that anyway. I can't believe him. I was so mad, I practically threw the phone against the wall. I hate it when people shirk their responsibility, don't keep to their promises & all. & the worst thing is, no effing explanation! Go to hell.

Yeah well, Ting tried reassuring me yesterday that she'd be fine & all, but I still have some doubts. Ting, if you're reading this, please stop. It's for your own good. Trying is not good enough. If you won't stop, I'll join you. Trust me, I will. & as for the pics, I can't help it. I've been thinking & thinking & I think I'll go crazy. I need something concrete...

Oh well, so later I'll have to run to the freaking bookstore after dinner to buy black ink, & then I'll have to type out the freaking assignment & I'll have to go ALL the way down to school tomorrow to hand it in. Great. Just great.

If I'm such a loser
Then why you hanging round' me
You're always trying to change me
You always say if only
& I keep listening to all the things you said
You're so miserable
You're so TYPICAL

The Moffatts [Typical]

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