Monday, August 25

Went to school to hand in the Speech Critique thingy. After that, went to Holland V with Elle, Ayu, Mas, Wilson, Siya & Farhan for lunch. Went to this Lebanese restaurant & man, what a disaster! Can you imagine? Plain rice costs 4 bucks!!! I mean, those rice are like 50 cents at some hawker! What kind of rice are those? & somemore I couldn't exactly appreciate the food there. They tasted...weird. & very very expensive. Eeaarrgghh! Remind me never to go there again!

Ting got a blog as well...she says it's to update me about her life. Lol...true, her life's so high flying, I have trouble keeping up anyway...

I bought a new album yesterday! Alright, I mean like, 'new'.'s The David Gates Songbook & it's really good! But the guy at Sembawang Music Cetre must have found it weird to see this teenager buying some 70s album. He kept giving me weird' the lady in front of me, who seemed to be in her 30s was hip enough to be buying Jay Chou's new album! Oh well...

Anyway, Real Madrid lost to Real Mallorca! Sickening...bloody biased referee...gave yellow cards to Ronaldo, Pavon & Zidane. So biased ok? Never mind, that was the 1st leg & they were playing away so next week, Mallorca's gonna die! Real usually plays wayyy... better at home. Hah!

Love this's from the Freaky Friday soundtrack...& it's so easy to relate! Lol...

Get up, get out
Move on, move on,
There's no doubt
I'm all wrong, you're right
It's all the same with you
I'm too thin, too fat
You ask why, so why , so why, so why, so why

On & on & on & on
On & on & on & on

Don't wanna grow up
I wanna get out
Hey, take me away
I wanna shout out
Take me away, away, away, away, away...

Round & round
Here we go again
Same old start, same old end
Turn my head, I turn back again
Same old stuff never ends
Do this, do that
Can't deal, can't deal with that
I tune in, tune out
I've heard it all before
Hello, goodbye, never asking me why
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Christina Vidal [Take Me Away]

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