Sunday, September 7

Enjoying the last hours of holiday here. Lol...actually, I'm looking forward to school! Geez! You must be thinking, 'Like what's the matter with this girl?' Well, this girl here misses something to do, that's all! I was like confined to home for 1 whole week! Was sick & so I was just llike half dead around the house. 1 whole week of not stepping out of the house is no mean feat! It took a lot of will me, I know!

Haven't started on my GraphComm project. The one for the names thingy...have no clue how to start...but I'm almost done with the newspaper thumbprint. Lousy family was so amused I was doing a scaled down versh of the papers.

Went Malaysia the whole of yesterday for my cousin's wedding. We left the house at 5:30AM(unearthly hour), & the car screwed up on us for 15 mins! The alarm went off & wouldn't stop till my brother-in-law came & switched car keys with my dad. Weird thing. Finally, we were on our way & when we reached the custom, the bloody officer claimed our data weren't in the comp & made us follow her to the office & we just waited & waited while she searched on the main comp in the office. Wasted loads of time! By the time we reached my cousin's place at about 7, we were all kinda in a foul mood. & to make matters worse, the house was so bloody messy! I'm just too used to my clean little habitat...& seeing those run-down buildings & broken doors & spotty mattresses just were not what I had in mind. & my cousin requested for me to be one of her 'sisters' & I had to tag along with her all the way...& my brother was made to open car doors so the 2 of us couldn't leave the couple's side & my parents & sis got to go shopping! When I got back to my cousin's place, we realized the TV was spoilt & me & my brother were so frigging bored & we were like just half asleep on the sofa. & waiting for my family to come back from their happy shopping. So annoying.

& then we showered in that dingy little bathroom(the door was spoilt as well) & we had to lock the room door to bathe. & finally, we were done & went to dinner at Hotel Continental & the food sucked. Food's meant to be piping hot! But the food were like a little warm, & the beer was so thin & flat. As if they left it out for a long time. We couldn't wait to get home coz' we were so tired but no, the service was so slow! Each dish was like served at half hour intervals. & they were all lukewarm! & we were all looking forward to dessert, which was supposed to be mango pudding but it tasted horrible! & my uncles & aunties, whom I assume have never tasted good food before in their lives said it was good. & my sis was like muttering to me under her breath, 'Push it down your throat & pretend you like it.' & I was like, 'EEEWWW!' Remind me that the food in posh hotels in Malaysia still sucks! & my mom made me wear some formal dress...this one which I wore for prom & I was like looking so over-dressed. & there were some who went in tank tops & denim skirts & there I was, in this black dress with accessories & high heels. Am I relieved to be back here man! Home sweet home!

Coz' I get a kick inside
& I feel a tingle too
It just comes from time to time
& it only happens

When I think of you, sleeping
When I'm dreaming
When I wake up
When I think of you
Walking, when I'm talking
When I look up
When I think of you

Chris De Burgh [When I Think Of You]

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