Thursday, September 4

I'm still at home the entire day...bored. Bored stiff. I'm updating coz' Vidz is so keen on knowing about my life. So there! Lol...

JinXing called yesterday. Surprise surprise! I went like, 'Okayyy...' & he asked me whether he stood a chance & I was like, 'No'. Flatly, blatantly. & I indirectly told him he's some Ah Beng who can't even hold his end in a conversation. Haha...but he ain't serious anyway. Flirt.

Enough man...that dampens the spirit. I was doing some thumbprint drawing for GraphComm. I thought I got away from Art when I was in Sec3! I thought I never have to touch on Art again, or draw anything that comes remotely close to a...a...a...stick figure ever again! Nothing! Never! But turns out I still have to. Grrrr...I had this mad urge to rip the bloody paper into half & toss the pieces out of the window! *mad glint in the eyes* Better yet, rip Mr Choy into half & toss him out of the window! Mwahahahahaha...

You've gone away
To another place
So far away
& I still see your face
I hear you speak
Don't ask how
I am coz' I'm hanging on

Michael Fredo [Now You're Gone]

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