Monday, October 13

Finished filming yesterday night...we watched the footage today...some scenes got cut off...but everything's fine...nothing we may have a hard time editing the shouting match...

Anyway, big thank yous to:
John Ji
Everyone else who helped along the way - Trina, Ayu's parents, those residents at the senior citizens' corner for looking after our batteries while they were charging...
The entire crew

Love ya matter what happened, we enjoyed ourselves along the way yeah?

Well, was very depressed yesterday night...was reminded of him when I looked at that guy. So I was like trying not to cry but in the end, I did. I was crying in the cab on the way home. & 'Against All Odds' came up on the radio...& Ti was like trying to shut my ears coz' the song was just too appropriate. I think the cab driver was freaked. Oh well.

Today, I was still depressed...not to mention the headache I had was making me furthermore depressed. & then when we were watching the footage, I was like, ok, smile smile smile, everyhing's fine. How in the world can anyone resemble someone else so much? Ok, I've asked that question before. They're so similar, yet so different. Someone suggested I see a counselor, again. Should I? Never mind...let me wallow in self-pity. I think he should be proud of himself. He single-handedly ruin a person's life. Ok, I shouldn't even be blaming him. Because the problem lies with me.'s the same thing. Sickening.

Lectures the entire day. Boring. Boring boring boring. Had Speech Comm quiz. Had no idea what I was writing on the paper but I was scribbling like mad. As if I know a lot. When I know nuts about it.

So worried about Bauhaus now. I don't wanna repeat this module. do we get everything done by Friday? Scary...

So take a look at me now
Coz' there's just an empty space
There's nothing left here
To remind me
Just the memory of your face
Take a look at me now
Coz' there's just an empty space
& you coming back to me
Is against the odds
& that's what I've got to face

Phil Collins [Against All Odds]

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