Sunday, October 19

So happy! Lol...waiting for 1.30 AM for the Celta Vigo vs Real Madrid match...

Was my birthday yesterday...met up Ting, Tiara & best friends! Then Jess & Elyas came as well to wish me happy birthday...we had dinner at Marche...I think I ate too much. I spent like alone! So scary! :) Then crapped, met Fel & Miao at Borders for like 5 mins...then off we go! It was short but it sure was fun! Havne't seen Ting & Xun for so long! Miss them both! Ting got me a pink bag, blue clips & earrings! The bag's so pwetty! Haha...but not me! It's so pwetty though!

The day before yesterday, went out with Vidz & Darrelle...went Wheelock's Sakae...& Yix came in her business suit! So cool! Yay! Vidz still very cute! She got me a Real Madrid badge! Whee! It goes well with the jersey Shaun got me! Double whee! Lol...then I was on a mad shopping spree & bought like 50 bucks worth of stuff at 77th Street, applied for the member card for no reason, bought an Oreo cheesecake from NYDC(7.20 for a wee slice!), & earrings & a ring...spent like close to 150 in 2 days! Haha...then tonight must go celebrate with my parents & godfather...then later on in the week with Ju. birthday is like an event spanning over a week or something! Ahahahahaha!

So happy! All the stupid major projects are done & over with. All we've got left is Speech Comm! MediSoc was ok...& GraphComm turned out better than we thought. We spent like the entire night doing it...I didn't had any sleep at all...was rushing from 8 at night to 7 in the morning with my gorup...then went for the presentation 7 I felt like my head was filled with cotton wool. But it was fine...the whole presentation went better than we thought. Love my GraphComm group! Yes, Darrelle, Tiara, Trina & Farhan! Absolutely GREAT! :) No more nightmares about GraphComm eh?

Oh, met up with Sam Toh(need to add the surname or I'm gonna feel like I'm talking to myself. Wait a minute. I always do anyway don't I?) on Tuesday...went Yoshi, then walked around, & I bought Clay Aiken's album! He rocks totally! I mean Clay, not Sam Toh. Ok, yes, you rock too Sam! Saying it to humor him since he's leaving on Tuesday. Going Canada to study! Ah, gonna miss ya! Haha...& someone looks like Clay aye??? Ahahaha...*grins evilly* I shan't mention his name though coz' he thinks Clay's gay! Ahahaha...

Feeling very high! I'm 17! 17 17 17! happy! I'm actually ecstatic! Haven't felt so happy for a long long time! I'm like putting everything depressing to one side for a while! Lol...yesterday was great...compared to what happened last year...that stupid trauma which left me bruised, scarred, drained & hungry...I was starving myself! Haha...come to think about it, it was pretty stupid. But that was a year ago...compared to last year, yesterday was absolutely fantastic! Smashing time!

Anyway, thanks so much to:
Shaun for the jersey! *screams* Still can't believe it! RAUL!
Elle & Ayu for the necklace! It matches my earrings! I like dangly stuff!
Vidz for the badge! You so rock!
Ting for the bag & all...I totally love ya babe! Heh...

Alrighty, gotta go watch the match! Woohoo! Still high! Haha...

Oh, & there's more to this life
Than living and dying
More than just trying to make it through the day
More to this life
More than these eyes alone can see
& there's more
Than this life alone for me

Clay Aiken [More To Life]

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