Friday, November 7

Heh...went to Recruit Express at Raffles Place today with Danielle & Sammie(not me, but Sam Soh!) & then after filling in the forms & all, & being reassured that we'll get a call from them in a couple of days, we headed down to City Hall to meet Darrelle.

Somehow, on the way there, we had this sudden urge to eat Sakae & seeing it was still buffet time, we practically ran from one end to the other. We were running like mad. Me in my skirt & sandals somemore. The whole world was staring at this mad trio dashing like someone died. We msged Darrelle to meet us at Sakae while we were doing the Amazing Race, as we were expecting a long queue. Surprise surprise. When we got there at 5.35, there was no queue. Not a single person. & why? Because we found out that for buffet, last order was at 5.45! We decided to go ahead anyway & ordered everything there & then, so we could take our time to eat. The lady taking our orders was like, ''If you can't finish, we have to charge you.' & we were like, 'No worries, we're DEAD hungry!'

Before we knew it, our table was piled with food, & there was not a single available inch at all. So we combined some stuff & Sammie even suggested we use the table behind us. Haha...there were like 5 people waiting on us! & then more & more came...& Darrelle arrived to a fine spread. We attacked like animals who haven't eaten in days. God. We ate so goddamn freakily. & I still don't understand why scallop tastes like peanut butter, Sammie. Haha...we ate like we have been starved for ages. & then we slowed down...& was like this pause where no one could eat anything. Didn't know what to do with the food so in comes our camouflaging skills. The rice was mashed & nicely hidden between stacked plates, broken up & stuffed into the drink can(smart move, Sammie), piled underneath beans, went into Darrelle's unfinished udon, camouflaged as wasabi in the soy sauce(I give you credit for originality, Darrelle!) & finally, me pushing off the last unfinished sushi with a loud 'Oops!'. Smart smart. & we were being watched by so many people, coz' we were so noisy & all. But I guess we did all those nonsense rather naturally. Haha...& I just found everything so funny. When the lady came to clear our plates, Darrelle practically snatched the stack back from her. We wanted to stack all the plates up, you see. But the plates we had stacked up were like 1/4 of what we ate due to some combinations & such. Darn. Haha...& Sammie was mashing up the potato to stuff into her can & the manager walked by & she actually picked up the spoon & licked the mashed potato! Eew. Haha...the weird things we do! So when the person came to clear our stuff, we like ran out of that place. Lucky we paid before hand. Haha...ran to the toilet, where I almost threw up. To find out what we ate, kindly proceed to SamSoh's blog, which is linked. Lol...

Then we decided to walk off the food. Went window shopping. Looked at clothes & such...& Darrelle made a snide remark about this unreasonable customer in a shop, & me & Sammie were like, 'Erm, let's make a dash.' Heh...we didn't buy anything. Though we went to lots of shops...only Darrelle bought a top. Then went into Tower Records & laughed at the 'Chihuahua' MTV they were playing. Plain spastic. Went to some VCD shop where they were playing some Cantonese drama & 'Finding Nemo' at the same time, & we were so amazed. Thought they had 'Finding Nemo' in Cantonese. Then realized our stupid mistake. Haha...yepz, & somehow, she claimed that the M)Phosis at City Hall has more stuff than the one at City Link so from City Link, we walked to City Hall there & guess why that is so? Because, the one at City Hall is like smaller, so the items were more cluttered, looked like got more stuff when it doesn't! Grrr...haha...then literally got shooed out of Robinsons. It was closing time. Lol...& all the way, I was still regurgitating a little. Like, 'Bwwwweeeeaaaaargggggghhhhhh!'

Yeah, we just realized something way cool today. Me & Darrelle were wearing skirts, while Sammie & Danielle were wearing pants. So me & Sammie coupled up, Sam & Sam. Haha...& Danielle & Darrelle coupled up, Elle & Elle. How cool! & I gave them this whole theory of how Danielle is the female versh of Daniel & Darrelle the female versh of Daryl but they didn't quite buy it. Damn. Haha...ah well, I still feel quite sick now. Like over bloated. I think I'm staying away from sushi for a long long time. Maybe till the next year. No more sushi! No more! I think I just developed a phobia for it.

& now I try hard to make it
I just want to make you proud
I'm never gonna be good
Enough for you
I can't pretend that
I'm alright
& you can't change me

Coz' we lost it all
Nothing lasts forever
I'm sorry
I can't be erfect
Now it's just too late
And we can't go back
I'm sorry
I can't be perfect

Simple Plan [Perfect]

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