Saturday, November 8

Too tired to blog...slept at 5 last night...was on the phone with a friend...for 2 & a half hours...unfortunately, it was mostly crap. From me...& him. Actually, crap from both of us. But thanks for entertaining & listening to me...I really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch...I needed that. You're really very entertaining...get yourself a non-toll free hotline so people can call & be entertained...consider, your future career. Heh...& don't make me guess your Chinese name lah. I hate guessing stuff...anyway, hope your exam went well today...can celebrate already...since that was the last paper.

Ah, feeling rather depressed now...will blog about what happened maybe later...ciaoz...

Self inflicted, I'm gonna fall flat
Unpredicted, that's where I'm at
So addicted, dog tired in the fast lane

Break down, devastate to kneeling
Suffering to bleeding, all the chance of feeling
Some day I might destroy here
I'm gonna get what's coming to me one day
These days my life is empty
Hard times for the son of a bitch

Down [Dog Tired]

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