Saturday, November 8

Sigh...stayed home the entire day today...not really in the mood to do anything else other than moping.

Anyway, yesterday, he came over for a short while...happened to be studying at his friend's place which is near my house...then we went to get him lunch...

Then off I went to town to meet Yix...went to some Coffeebean to apply for a job. But I don't think I'm gonna accept this...may be working at some customer service thingy at UE Square. Recruit Express efficient...if not, most probably doing some waitressing thingy my friend recommended me.

Bought Jason Mraz album...Vidz influenced me I what Ayu said, we're all 'mraz-merized'. I think it's quite true...his album absolutely rocks. Anyway, dropped by Starhub Centre...crapped with Bernard a little...then ate at Cuppage food court. After which we popped over to Centrepoint for a moment, then to Heeren, just hung around...Flash & Splash, 37 degrees, Bloomington...yada yada...

Then went to Wisma's Miss Selfridge for a while...then got coffee & went to BK to wait for Yix's friends to arrive. Saw who I wanted to see...not bad, went home...I miss going home with Yix! Actually, I miss Yix in general...she was my bus & eating buddy...she's a great listener...& always gives great advice...miss her...sigh...missing so many people...aarrgghh!

& I'm missing you
All night long
I'm missing you
Can't you see that
This is going wrong
I can't believe
You broke my heart
We should not be apart
We need to be together
Coz' I'm missing you

Maliah [Missing You]

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