Wednesday, December 31

Ah, the last day of 2003. My last day of work too. My hands hurt, my eyes hurt, my back hurts & everywhere just hurt from the 1 whole month of work but it's worth it. Got my pay happy! & of coz', getting to know that clique...

I was dead bored today! I was bored numb. Bored out of my skull. & time just passes so s l o w l y. Haha...but yeah, got work wrapped up & done with, went to Dhoby Gaut to meet Ting for a while to pass her the cheque. Saw Jonathan! As in, Jonathan my 'bro', not the other Jonathan. Haven't seen him for so long. Lol...

Came back home & Gary drove all of us to Taman Jurong for dinner. Ooh, fish-head curry & sugar cane juice...a nice quiet dinner with the family instead of the crowds. I hate crowds. Always feel bloody suffocated. Maybe coz' I don't get much fresh air down there aye?

Okie, so in an hour+, it'll be 2004. & what have I achieved this year? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Haha...ok, maybe I've reached a higher level of sarcasm but that definitely isn't intentional. & of coz', I've gotten myself 4 new buddies whom I totally love to death. But as for personal satisfaction, nothing much. Sigh...oh wells.

Lousy memories to leave behind in 2003:

1. Losing my phone. That's the most awful thing which happened to me. Ever.

2. That 2-timing, cheating, lying bastard. Nasty.

3. My slight depression some time ago due to school, work, projects & stuff...

4. Graph Comm. Who wants to remember Mr Choy?

Things to look forward to in 2004:

1. School, school, school! School in general, not the studying aye? With Tiara & Darrelle & Trina & Danielle...haha...

2. My new buddies. Haha...see ya guys in Ngee Ann! (Walking propaganda) & next week ok?

3. More money to splurge on more useless stuff. Oops.

4. Chinese New Year so I can get more money & get myself a phone. Again. Haha...

Yepz, that's about all. & I'm just too bloody lazy to upload the pics so I'm gonna do it tomorrow. I'm such a procrastinator. But who cares?

In the meantine, Happy New Year!

We can break the cycle
We can break the chain
We can start all over
In the new beginning
We can learn
We can teach
We can share the myths, the dream, the prayer
The notion that we can do better
Change our lives & paths
Create a new world

Tracy Chapman [New Beginning]

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