Saturday, January 3

Whoa. Fantastic start to a fantastic(I can just feel it) year...2004 is gonna be a fabulous year for me. I just know it.

A new year with a bang!

Sheere came over to my place yesterday & we had a nice chat. We had tons of catching up to do since we haven't had a proper talk for 4 years & I haven't seen her since the year before last. She was my best friend in primary school...haha...& yeah, we talked & such & I love her to bits! Haha...will try to get her out soon...

Today was magical. Absolutely magical. Went Cine, had lunch at Subway, watched 'Love Actually' again, had tea(tiramisu cake & orangina), & watched 'School of Rock'. I don't know why 'School of Rock' got such fantastic was really just average...nothing much to rave about. But the kids in the show are brilliant. Their musical skills just blow your mind. But honestly, Jack Black was ok...not like fantabulous or what. 'Love Actually' is definitely wayyy better! HMV after that...hung around at Paragon & then went home. But yepz, the day was magical. *still grinning* Wow.

Ooh, bumped into Tiara & Delima too! Miss them so so goddamn much! Can't wait to see Tiara on Monday! Gawd, I don't know what else to say. I'm just on a high now. Wow. Still suffering from after effects. Heh...I predict a wonderful year...

Oh, it's a magical thing
When the sun is shining down on me
And this is such a beautiful place
Don't want to miss a minute of today
It's so magical

Martina McBride [So Magical]

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