Sunday, January 4

My comp is anti-blog today. I can't go to ANY blog ending with, as it automatically re-directs me to Apparently, I'm the only one with this problem. Stupid. Shit. Of. A. Thing. *flings computer against wall* Haha...whatever, I can post anyway.

Yepz, other than that tiny wee bit problem, life has been great, absolutely great so far. Haha...I can't seem to stop smiling.

Went town with Vidz & Tiffy & Vidz met first & ate Yoshi at Taka, & then Tiffy came down & we went shopping. & I mean, SHOPPING. I spent like more than 100 buckaroos yesterday & am feeling rather guilty now. Clothes & all. But hey, these are the new clothes for Chinese New Year...2 tops from DCP & a blue skirt from U2. Yes, a skirt. Haha...I can't believe I bought a skirt!

We went quite mad yesterday. I'm having a cold & leaky nose & such & somehow, that screws up my hearing as well. I misheard loads of times & cracked them up. & Tiffy was so corny! She's so dead-pan when she's telling jokes. Poker face! The whole 'flame', 'fannoying', 'fitchy', 'firritating' thingy were hilarious. & the sheep baaing was so funny, we kept laughing about it.

Ate at Centrepoint's Pizza Hut coz' we had a craving for that. & we made the waiters confused. Honestly, whenever me & Vidz go out, there's this whole interaction with waiters & managers & stuff like that. They ALWAYS laugh at us. Weird eh?

So anyway, after Vidz & Tiffy left, I hung around in Centrepoint for a while & then popped over to Cuppage to see someone. Yepz, hung around a bit & took a cab home coz' felt downright horrible with the bloody leaky nose. Went home & messed around with all the things I bought, & then was on the phone till 3.40AM. It was an interesting conversation. Heh...

Ooh, school starts tomorrow. A part of me is looking forward to it, but another part says no. It's gonna really take up loads of time. & just when I'm in total bliss. Ah, never mind, will work something out. Lol...

I'll give you my love
An eternal love
From me to you
If you return
A token of love
An eternal love
From you to me

Ant & Dec [Eternal Love]

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