Tuesday, December 30

Sigh. Sigh. Sighhhh...honestly, just ignore me. It's Sam acting up once again.

Ting got me so confused. Haha...I really understand what she means but that doesn't mean I'll be able to prevent it. I know what she told me is exactly what I would say if someone else is in this kinda situation but I'm a person who yield easily. & I know she's just worried. Love her to death...she doesn't want me to have a similar episode to what happened only last month.

I'm happy, yet at the same time, wary. Like what am I supposed to feel? I ought to be cautious. I really ought to.

Today was my 2nd last day...I gave each of them a hug(haha...it IS a hug ok? Considering you guys were sitting down...)...felt a little sad. I mean, I only got to know them recently but we stuck together! One of the more close-knit cliques I feel comfortable in...sigh...so yeah, thought I'd be able to see them tomorrow on my last day but at the last moment, they were asked not to go tomorrow. & no one knows why. So on my last day, I'd be all alone & miserable without them. Probably bored to tears. But we're meeting next week lah...I miss them already!

Ok, the longer intro I promised:

Aloysius, Mr Tall & Dark...haha...the one I got to know first...seemingly quiet at times...but can be lame. Like the whole 'Ren Ci' thing was lame. He's quite evil...laughed so much yesterday when I twisted my ankle. & he looks exactly like his dad! Ooh, I think I never told him that before but yes, he does. Haha...& he's always complaining when I ask him why he's so quiet. Stop complaining Aloy...look who's the picky one? Haha...not like you don't have a choice. Have plenty to choose from...but you're just picky! Soccer pro who's wanted by a top JC as I have mentioned before...but he seems to want to go to poly instead. & he loves Aimar. Haha...

Ryan, the corny one. He's like funny without even trying...he has the joker face lah...heard he's another soccer pro. Always kena suaned by the others...because of that 'secret'...& he'll like turn red. Not just the cheeks but red from forehead to chin. Haha...& Ryan, don't listen to me lah! Haha...went to play soccer when your foot was injured...try again then! Foot swollen, happy now? Haha...trying to be Ronaldo?

Hong, my 'ickle bro'...always there for me...& Mr Cheeky...what's with you sticking your tongue out everytime you see me? Now I've caught on to the habit...haha...but I ain't complaining! Haha...& I'm sure you're not complaining as well! Haha...that's our phrase...he has these really cute cheeks which you want to pinch. Haha...he told me his friends called his cheeks 'bao(direct translation: bun)'. He's very huggable as well. Heh...& he's always saying I've got attitude...too bad Hong...coz' you guys are just so duh! In a nice way of coz'!

Yves, the other one who gets all the dissing(in a friendly way of coz')...haha...FBI with the muscles...& he's crappy lah...sometimes I get caught in between laughing & cringing at his lameness. Haha...ok ok...but most of the time, we laugh. Haha...except when he starts singing...that'll be when I cringe. Haha...& oh oh, he's ALWAYS going to the gym & dragging everyone else along. & he loves acting gay with Ryan as well...lol...& that nice paper bag which makes you look really ummm...manly. Haha...ok, so you've finally decided to stop carrying that, thank goodness! Haha...& yeah, good luck for your special forces career aye? & alright already, we've heard enough! Lol...

I'm so gonna miss them. Miss them already...will so not be used to not seeing them every day. I'll only get to see them next week! Sigh...dread work tomorrow. My last day but I dread it. Without them, it's just gonna be DEAD BORING. How am I gonna survive the 8 & a half hours of pure torture tomorrow? Probably drifting in & out of sleep. Haha... Eeaarrgghh. Double eeaarrgghh. Triple eeaarrgghh.

Ah, ok...let them all out & I feel better now. I just need to vent! No worries, Sam's still the psycho bitch who needs to talk to herself & let out funny annoying incoherent sounds once in a while to keep calm. Haha...I'm calm now. Really calm...*breathing in & out* Yepz, so tomorrow is the last day of 2003 as well...celebrate hard peeps...it has been a bad year for me & I just can't wait to leave it all behind & move on to a new beginning...

I've opened up my eyes now
I've got alot on my mind
I search for answers that I know I'll never find
I could take the easy road
But I know it ain't right
What to do for survival
How to make it through this life

Mr. Muggy [Lost]

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