Sunday, December 28

Somehow, my pics didn't show right. I'm such a computer idiot. Sigh...haha...I'll fix that up when I finally know how to. Somehow, Geocities can't upload my pics properly. Village Photos too. Argh, screwed. Lol...

Hmmm...painted my room today with my mom. It's a boring, tedious task. All the little slivers which are visible to the eye have to be carefully painted over with a small paintbrush. But I like my room now. It's a nice shade of blue. Nice melancholy colour. My mom wanted green but I insisted on blue coz' it's MY room afterall. parents are painting the living room now. It's the time of the year when my mom starts being anal about everything else. Spring cleaning & such. I've taken after her. I'm anal as well. Haha...fussy about things being back where they belonged, & folding clothes which have been messed up(Vidz does that too), & straightening books which have been knocked into disarray, & if the instructions on some kinda food say 'microwave for 10 mins', it's 10 mins. Not 9, not 11. It's 10 minutes. That's me. Incredibly anal. Haha...

Went for lunch with Ting, Aloy, Hong, Ryan, Yves & their 2 friends yesterday. We went to eat at Magic Wok at Far East Plaza & it was amusing. The pathetic dishes we had...haha...then we went to Heeren for a while & I got my mouses(I don't think mice is appropriate), one for my lappie, one for the PC. Optical niceties. No more spastic balls to clean. Alright, that doesn't sound right but who cares? Haha...then we went to the Starbucks at California Fitness & Clifford came down to join us. Ok, he came down to join me & Ting but didn't expect such a large group. Haha...Ting left for her boyfriend's house & there we were, stuck with nothing to do. No idea where to go coz' we'd really ran out of ideas. Nah, too bad they were with boring ol' me. Haha...went to the pool place at Cuppage & they played for a while...Cliff left soon after & I was just watching them play & chatting with anyone & everyone. Haha...

Done with that, off to dinner. Ok, Ryan said it was just a 'snack'. Haha...yeah. They have chicken rice & bowls of noodles for snacks. At 6+. Oh wells. Haha...guys & their appetites. Haha...compared to them, I always feel like I'm not eating enough. So Vidz, Yix, Tiara, Dan & whoever out there who's always complaining about the amount I eat, I DO NOT eat a lot ok? Haha...or maybe it's the holidays. Don't eat much in the holidays...strange ain't it? was quite a corny day. They're really funny people...amusing...haha...kept making me laugh...or maybe I'm just easily amused...that's what stupid Cliff said. Haha...I'm easily what? At least I'm cheery what! Haha...felt so cheery & hyper yesterday...must be the sugar rush I had the night before...*erhem* Heh...

Ooh, back to work tomorrow. Back to the mundane routine. But honestly, I'm gonna miss's depressing, like counting down to my last day. I'm gonna so so miss my clique...sigh...ah, should stop thinking about that

Drawn up my New Year resolutions. Pardon if you have seen them before but they're recycled from last year, the year before last's...& so on. So...*adopts announcer's voice*they're on display on the box on your right. Haha...okie dokie, I'm gonna be spending my New Year's Eve at home, most probably. With more roast beef & champagne. Not gonna get myself stranded in town again. Let those people crowd & suffocate in town. Haha...I'lll have fun on New Year's Day, I'm evil. But no one's complaining right? That's me & Hong's favourite phrase nowadays. Haha...'I'm not complaining' & 'no one's complaining'. Haha...

I'm still cheery's like the residue of sugar rush. Ooh...nice kinda feeling this is. Shall try to retain this.

You make me so excited
& I don't wanna fight it
I start to blush
You are my sugar rush
Ain't nothin' better, baby
Is it for real or maybe
I'm losing touch
You are my sugar rush

Dream Street [Sugar Rush]

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