Sunday, January 25

Aarrgghh. My comp is screwy. But never mind. Wait till I get this damn thing rebooted.

Yepz, Chinese New Year. Can't feel the damn spirit. I wonder why. It was the same with Christmas last year. Oh wells. Went visiting some relatives at Tiong Bahru with mom & bro. & then I wanted to go to my godfather's place but my dad didn't want me to coz' of some superstitious shat. So we fought, he came over & drove mom & bro home, & I went to Sembawang all my myself.

My godfather's son is so cute! He's 3 weeks old & he's such a gurgler. Haha...kept cooing & gurgling. Cute beyond words! Heh...can't wait till he's a little older...then we could probably bring him out & have some proper fun!

Spent the entire yesterday with Hong...we met at 11 in the morning(it is morning to me ok?), he ate at Subway, we caught 'Cheaper By The Dozen', which is surprisingly good, came out, we ate at Yoshi again, then went cologne shopping(he bought Burberry's Weekend after much coaxing & persuading from me...but he does like it so I didn't bully him! Haha...), he had his haircut at Far East(I swear the hairdresser likes Hong, took an hour + to cut his hair...oh, did I mention it's a guy?), & then we went Hans for dinner, & hung around, & we went to meet his friends at Pool World...I left soon after though. He forced me to bring home the umby he bought. Lol...I'm just happy I got to spend the entire day with dearie yesterday. Haven't had proper time with him for a long time even though I met him on Tuesday...but it was such a short while then. Gosh, he's just so amazingly sweet. Heh...

'Cheaper By The Dozen' is like one of the better shows I've watched. It's tops...makes me want to have 30 kids. Haha...I know, it's frigging crazy but you gotta watch it to understand. I love the twins in that show! They're so adorable...haha...

Oh, did I mention it was like bad karma yesterday. I suppose I was jinxed or something. I slipped & fell when I reached Cine...totally humiliated myself...then when I got home, I cut myself with glass. It's stupid, really. Or it's the weather. Bloody pouring the entire day yesterday. Bleargh.

Yepz, saw Alex yesterday at Bukit Panjang Interchange! Haven't seen that fella in donkey years! Lol...I couldn't recognize him...he was like, 'Are you Samantha?' & my mind blanked. Heh...but great to see him after we lost contact & all for a couple of years...considering we were pretty close back then. Poor fella's going into army on Wed...most of my friends are going in too... but it's all part & parcel of a local guy's life. *smirk* Have fun fellas! Haha...

Yepz, my dearie went to watch 'Cheaper By The Dozen' again with Brenda today...I think he's still out...I'm waiting for his call...haha...he's always out...poor thing doesn't get to sleep much...hey dear, if you're reading this, remember what you promised! More sleep! Lol...

& Vidz, sorry about Sat! I promise you this Sat ok? I'm all yours! *offers myself* Haha...let me know yeah? Ask Tiffy! & wifey ok?

It's raining again...such a cold cold day...

I made it through the rain
I kept my world protected
I made it throught the rain
I kept my point of view
I made it through the rain
& found myself respected
By the others who
Got rained on too
And made it through

Barry Manilow [I Made It Through The Rain]

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