Friday, January 30

I haven't blogged for sometime. Let's see, Tiara left. Yes, my darling just upped & left. Along with her sister-Delima. A bunch of us skipped SocPsych & went to Changi on Monday at an unearthly hour to send her off. Darrelle & Danielle stayed over at the airport, poor girls. Me & Farhan took a cab down at 6AM. & yepz, we took pictures, & I was so in love with Tiara's little brother. He's 6, & he's the cutest thing on earth. However much everyone else warns me about him, he's still cute! & then we took more pictures...& before we knew it, they had to leave. We had a pact not to cry but Tiara did & that made Darrelle start...I was trying hard not to...& fortunately, I didn't. I'm those who can't stop if I start. But I miss her so much! She smsed me from New Zealand & I just miss her so so much! Come back darling!!! *wails*

Yepz, projects are piling up...not much time to do anything else. I-Search, Marketing, Radio Production...yada yada. & we've got work to do for PSF(for those ignorant peeps who don't know what it is, it's Poly Stage Factor...haha...) too. But at least PSF's rather enjoyable...

Met Hong at Junction 8 today for dinner...Sammie accompanied me there after school & we went walking around while waiting for Hong...stupid lion dances banged & clanged the wits out of me. Oh wells. Get into the frigging CNY spirit girl! Sammie left when he arrived(I don't know why she die die also don't wanna join us)...& I ate at Ajisen Ramen while he watched coz' his tummy didn't agree with him on something apparently, & we just went window shopping...but I bought a new pair of Charles & Keith sandals which looks almost identical to my previous DMK ones. The same shade of brown, the same swirly designs, and the same kinda straps. But this pair's more comfy(& more expensive as well!) with the nice curves which fit the contours of your feet well. Shoes shoes! I love shoesies! *reminded of 'Take Your Shoes Off' by the Cheeky Girls" God forbid! *shudders*

Anyways, we hung around after a while & I took a cab back. Gosh, I miss him so darn much already. Even though I last saw him 4 hours ago. What's this??? Chronic lovesickness? Haha...oh wells! Love you hun!

Dream dream dream dream
Dream dream dream dream
When I want you
In my arms
When I need you
& all your charm
Whenever I want you
All I have to do
Is dream

I can make you mine
Taste your lips so fine
Anytime night or day
Only trouble is
Gee whiz
I'm dreaming my life away

Ant & Dec [All I Have To Do Is Dream]

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