Tuesday, January 6

Yesterday was wow. Today, it's PHWUAR. Honestly. Lol...

Met up with dearie after school in town along with Danielle. Ryan, Aloysius, Yves & dearie's bestest gal pal Brenda were there too! Heh...Brenda left after a short while...& then we ate at Yoshi...Danielle left for her lesson & then the guys left too & me & dearie hung around a little...but then decided to give up & we took a cab to this park near my place. It's a beautiful place...nice scenery...trees & the reservoir...hung around a bit & then he walked me home...heh...

It was just so phwuar today. It's kinda weird really. How we started out as acquaintances, & then friends, & then he became my little brother...& then now, this. Together with Hong. All in 2 weeks. But now, everything's just great. I'm really happy. More happy than I've ever been last year. Haha...can feel that it'll be like my happiest days of this year too. & it's only the start of the year.

Yepz, missing him already. Haha...alright, I hear you guys out there barfing...so I'll end here. With a sappy mood.

I'm missing you like crazy
Body & soul are aching
I'm out of control
Missing you so
I'm missing you
Missing you
I'm missing you

Mary J Blige [Missing You]

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