Thursday, February 12

Feeling better now. Memories are fading away bit by bit. Slowly. Little pieces by little pieces. Even his face is getting blurred at the contours. Still hurts whenever I see his photos, our photos. Whenever something reminds me of him. But it's no longer the wrenching feeling which used to kill me all over again each time. It's just nostalgic, confused me, looking on in sadness. Asking why it had to end. Why when everything was near perfect? But I guess I'll never know.

*shrug* Life goes on...but a part of me will always stay at this period of time. When I was given bliss for a short while. & then having it taken away so abruptly.

You sit & wait
For my precious heart to break
You promised me forever
Why did you tear us apart?
At the end of the rainbow
I found my broken heart

I was a dreamer
& you, you were my dream
Why did you leave?

Welcome home to my Broken Promise Land
Where the sun don't shine
& the cold wind whines
Welcome home to my Never Ending Land
Where the skies are grey
There's no stars to lead my way
You said you'd never walk away

You promised me forever
But I didn't realize
You never meant to keep me
All your promises were lies

I was a dreamer
& you, you were my dream
Why did you leave?

You made me cry
You make me want to die
Why, baby why?
Why did you lie?

Weeping Willows [Broken Promised Land]

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