Sunday, March 21

WritComm in the morning. It killed me. 7 & a half hours. How do you stand squeezing out brain juices for 7 & a half hours?

Woke up real late. I was supposed to meet Farhan at 7.30AM at the bus-stop but I slept till 8 & Farhan came to my door-step. Haha...realized I had 39 missed calls(Shaun & Farhan trying to wake me up) I got prepared in record time...10 mins! Dad drove us to school. Whew. But hey, I slept at waking up at 8 is no mean feat! Anyway, I did something real smart. I grabbed my SocPsych file instead of my WritComm file so most of my notes were at home. Luckily, I brought some notes which weren't filed yet & Dan lent me some during the paper. Haha...

Ok...let's talk about the...dreadful papers. I have no idea what K was trying to put across. I couldn't even understand the questions for heaven's sake! So yeah. I just screwed it up bad. My head was heavy, my eyelids were drooping, & I was contemplating whether to rip those papers in half or what. Haha...but yeah, I finished them. Although I'm not really optimistic about it. Maybe a 20/200 would be letting me off easy already. I wrote like only half a page for each question! & I used my huge ugly scrawl...while Dan wrote really neatly & small & the squiggles filled up more than a page! So I finished fast, but didn't want to hand in knowing that the 2 seniors invigilating would read & probably laugh their asses off. I didn't even think while I was scribbling so yeah, I'm a real goner. I even spent time surfing the net a little...& I downloaded all the works of Daniil Kharms. I mean, ok, loads of you people hate him coz' he caused us so much suffering with his 'sonnet' the other time but you gotta look at his works! Fascinating, & I know they're supposed to make sense...he's supposed to be 'brilliant'(think K)...but I just don't get the point. They're really funny though! I was laughing while reading them!

Went home first, dumped my stuff(lappie, file, papers...), then went to town to meet Shaun...& his friends! Posh, Ben, Sel & Zhen...they're all so friendly! Lol...& so fun! Ate at Pastamania...& then me & Shaun went to the library to drop off some stuff(not before I saw Ting darling darling! She was with HongQuan at Marche...haven't seen her for so long! Miss her tons!), then back to Cine coz' Posh & Ben were bowling...I didn't bowl coz' I was sockless...but watching them was interesting enough. :) & I saw Liana! Miss that gal too! Lol...

So here I am...relieved that the paper's over, yet at the same time, it feels like doom is drawing closer. Bleargh!

Ok ok...some of Daniil Kharms' stuff!

'Incidents', written in 1937:
One day, Orlov stuffed himself with mashed peas & died. & Krylov, on finding out about this, also died. & Spiridonov died of his own accord. & Spiridonov's wife fell off the sideboard & also died. & Spiridonov's children drowned in the pond. & Spiridonov's grandmother hit the bottle & took to the road. & Mikhailovich stopped combing his hair & went down with mange. & Kruglov sketched a woman with a whip in her hands & went out of his mind. & Perekhrestov received four hundred roubles by wire & put on such airs that he got chucked out of work.

They are good people all - but they can't seem to keep their feet firmly on the ground.

'An Unsuccessful Show', written in 1934
On the stage comes PETRAKOV-GORBUNOV, who wants to say something but hiccups. He starts to throw up. He leaves. Enter PRITYKIN.

PRITIKYN: Our esteemed Petrakov-Gorbunov has to ann... (Pritykin throws up & run off stage)


MAKAROV: Yegor... (Makariv throws up & runs off)


SERPUKHOV: So as not to be... (Serpukhov throws up & runs off)


KUROVA: I would have...(she throws up & runs off)


LITTLE GIRL: Daddy asked me to let you all know that the theatre is closing. We are all being sick!
(Curtain) show 2 can liaoz...I understand the 2nd one's about the system in Russia basically. How they are so oppressed, they can't even speak. Haha...tomorrow shall showcase 2 more!

Match later at 2.30. So shall go sleep now...*crosses fingers* Real's gotta win!

Don't you ever wish
You were someone else
You were meant to be
The way you are exactly
Don't you ever say
You don't like the way you are
When you learn to love yourself
You're better off by far
& I hope you'll always stay the same
Coz' there's nothing bout' you I would change

Joey McIntyre [Stay The Same]

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