Tuesday, April 6

Kurt has been missing for 1 month & I think it's time I start searching for him. The last time he ran away, he was back within a day. Well, coz' Ting helped in the search then. Please people, if you see Kurt, bring him back! He can't fend for himself.

We did Marketing yesterday at Trina's place & yeah, was really zombified after we finished. So I was just rambling so much, I can't remember what I told Floyd yesterday. Haha...a lot of crap I presume. This caravan thang, & the stupid bus. I can't remember but apparently, it's funny. Haha...

Floyd Floyd Floyd! I'm happy! Bought my 22(codename only he would understand)! Finally! 22 22 22! & I'm right about 'paedophile'. I told ya! I'm QUEEN!

My left eye itches. If J.Lo gave me his sore eye, I would rip him into shreds. He's such a bully. Does he ever get tired of his Raul joke? Haha...but never mind, I'm immune to it.

PSF later. I should be off to do my IAC slides now...

Anonymous: My e-mail add is y2ksamantha@hotmail.com.

Can you help me I'm bent
I'm so scared that I'll never
Be put back together
You're breaking me in
& this is how we will end
With you & me bent

Matchbox Twenty [Bent]

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