Wednesday, April 7

Oh my god. I'm going to cry.

After a 4-2 victory at home, they LOST 1-3 away? HOW DID THEY MANAGE THAT? I'm going to cry! Monaco knocked Real out! Oh my god. This is a HUGE shock. What an upset. My god. My god. They lost they lost they lost! *wails* That'll teach the previous manager. HOW DARE YOU LOAN OUT MORIENTES? Look what happens! BRING HIM BACK BRING HIM BACK! If Real doesn't take Morientes back at the end of season, I'll...I'll...I'll WRITE & COMPLAIN & if they still don't, I'll CAMPAIGN! Yes I will. Only consolation is that Raul scored. But...they LOST! *cries*

Ok, whatever. Just concentrate on the goddamn La Liga. CONCENTRATE ON THAT! *still in shock*

(This is the time when I wish to God Tiara's with me & we could bawl our eyes out over Real's shocking loss)

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