Sunday, May 16

Back home! Out the entire day but I'm quite hyper still! Lol...weird!

Anyway, Lyrad, being the nice person(O Great One) he is, came to pick me up. So funny because he was trying to make it a 'surprise' but it kinda backfired. So I asked him, 'How do we go to the theatre?' & he said, 'Oh, here got bus-stop right?' & I was like, 'Ok!' & started in the direction of the bus-stop & he walked off to the carpark. That liar actually drove here! Haha...evil.

So yeap, it took us...erm...quite some time to get to that theatre but we got there in the end! (I'll pretend I didn't see the flipping Street Directory part. :P) Haha...I registered, & we waited, & waited, & waited because there were loads of people there as well. Freaking hot day. Lyrad was patient lah, at least. So the audition was quite ok. Was supposed to do this scene where Sarah finds an adoption document & she has to show it to her sister & discuss who is adopted. That fella said, 'Good!' & smiled after I was done but I wonder...maybe he said the same to every single one? Those people were really nice...we discussed a little bit about Jack the Ripper. :) Haha...

Then we headed down to Cine & bought tix to '50 First Dates'. Ate at Pastamania & Lyrad didn't like the Creamy Chicken Pasta & I was just so shocked that he didn't like it coz' apparently, a lot of people like Vidz, Liana & Skye eat that often at Pastamania so I thought it's really nice & all. I was bugging him to finish it. Haha...'think of those people in Africa! THINK!'

Watched the movie & it's so nice! It's so sweet & all! Especially the ending. Imagine that you have to find ways to make your girlfriend fall in love with you all over again, every single day! Gosh. But yepz, nice fluffy show. & I heard 'I Melt With You', Ayu! It's at the beginning, in the cafe where both of them are having breakfast. But it's VERY soft in the background. After the show ended, I forced Lyrad to stay till the credits for the soundtracks rolled & I saw Jason's name & got all excited. & then we turned around & went like, 'Oh, we're the only ones left.' Haha...

After that we walked to Cuppage to visit his parents' Japanese restaurant. His dad makes sushi! So cool! My dad can't cook for nuts. He's those who can't even boil water. Goodness.

Yepz, then we headed for home & I kept laughing all the way coz' he went a LONG way to get to Bukit Panjang...& we ended up at the pasar malam opposite my place. Heh...pasar malams. 'Are you hungry?' Hahahaha...gosh. Today was HILARIOUS. I should upload the instructions that Lyrad wrote on a piece of paper. But wait till my scanner's up & running. It's HILARIOUS. He thought I was mad but I thought everything was so funny! I'll upload that piece of instructions soon enough! & if possible, that picture of the pink van if Lyrad manages to transfer the photo from his phone to the comp? Lol...I tell you, it's not like bits of pink or whatever. It's entirely pink. & it's a repulsive shade of pink. So we spent the rest of the day annoying each other like, 'Nice pink dress. I'll get it for you, Lyrad.' & 'Nice pink shoes. You want them for your birthday, Ahtnamas?' Haha...

Yepz, so that was my day, coupled with some injuries. Bumped my head when I was getting into the car, walked into the railing of the cinema's doors & I have a bruise on my arm, & just now when I showered, my foot got boiled. Stupid piece of crap. It freaking hurts.

Shocking revelation I discovered today. But yeah, I suppose that's the way life works. It throws you the strangest stuff, & sits back & laughs ay you while you try to get out of them. Asshole. Friendships ought to last, especially when there are so much memories in them. But when things happen, who can say? Sigh...

If you could make a choice
Between life in a battle
Or life in a tough survival
Would you accept the result
Of the decision
Instead of fight it over
You could make it right

Darren Hayes [Consequences In Life]

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