Monday, May 17

Why Sam, why are you this stupid? "Hi P*****, I'm sure you're in NS now. I've got no motives, or any intentions. I'm just an idiot. Happy Birthday by the way. Hope all's well with you. Coz' I would never know." Don't send it Sam. Don't. I'm just a frigging moron. Die Sam, die. YOU ARE A LOSER. LET GO FOR FUCK'S SAKE. LET GO LET GO LET GO. GET THE HELL OF THAT RUT YOU LITTLE LOSERISH PIECE OF CRAP.

Sorry, just needed to rant.

So had work today. It was ok I suppose. My sales weren't good today. But it was my first day so forgivable I suppose.

Had to blog coz' Lyrad was bugging me. SO THERE! It's NEITHER(nai-de), not NEITHER(ni-der)! NEITHERRR! Pronounce after me! NAIDE. Whatever. We're both right ok? Truce? *sits & waits for toy hammer*

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